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From Institute of Novel Technologies and Applied Informatics


The Institute of Novel Technologies and Applied Informatics (NTI) was founded during the reorganisation of Faculty of Mechatronics, Informatics and Interdisciplinary Studies on 1st January 2007. It integrates former departments and Research centre Advanced Remedial Technologies and Processes. Multidisciplinary team of the insitute solves research projects characterized by industrially applied results. Research and teaching activities of NTI are focused on research and applications of computer models, current information technologies, and nanotechnologies for studying of natural and technological processes aimed to their influence and control.


Organization structure of NTI is given by reasearch teams solving recent research projects.

Recently, the main research capacity of NTI takes part of Research centre Advanced Remedial Technologies and Processes (ARTEC) led by prof. Jiří Maryška with wide co-operation with other faculty institutes (especially MTI, other workplaces at TUL and research teams from other institutions (ČGS, AQUATEST). Research activities of the Centre are focused on studying of natural processes in biosphere and impact of pointed interventions to environment, development of new methodologies and tools for such a process control and their economical evaluation.

In applied research the NTI capacity is focused to solution of research projects and direct co-operation with industry:

International co-operation represents the project of 7th frame programme "Development of concept for intensification of nano and membrane technologies" based on improvement of physical and chemical properties of polymeric membranes and so improvement of their filtration abilities. At NTI, the project is led by doc. Miroslav Černík. Another international project is DECOVALEX-2011 associating institutions from 8 European and Asian countries focused on research of T-H-M-C processes in deep readioactive waste deposites. At NTI, it is led by doc. Milan Hokr. Another international project, "Mobile Systems SW Engineering Education Network" (MobEduNet) is led by doc. Pavel Satrapa.

Research activities of NTI include also individual activities and co-operations of some NTI members on projects of partner institutions, such as CERFACS, ÚI AV ČR and others.


Teaching activities include courses of structured studying programme in branches of numerical methods, development of computer models, programming, web technologies and experimental techniques.

NTI takes its part in several educational projects especially in frames of OP VK programme. The most important are projects „MultiEdu“ focused on lecture streaming and www publication led by Dr. Klára Císařová (MTI), „Search for talents“ and „Increase of interest of highschool students on technological disciplines“ focused on appealing to talented high-school students for increase their interest on technological studies. These projects are led by doc. Miroslav Černík and Ing. Miloš Hernych (MTI).